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Insignius Fix

Grupo 1/2/3 (9 a 36 Kg)

Adjustable multi-group 1/2/3 car seat, for use from 9 kg (approx 9 months) up to 36 kg (approx 10 years). The new Insignius Fix is one of the most versatile child seats on the market, as it has six installation options, making it compatible with any vehicle. 

Its exclusive design with elegant lines and Premium finishes with synthetic leather trim, gave it a modern and sophisticated style, in keeping with top of the range vehicles. 

Equipped with extendable Isofix fittings for easy installation in the different seats in the vehicle. Very comfortable thanks to the reclining seat and the height-adjustable headrest. Incorporates anti-impact material protection for enhanced energy absorption in the event of side impact. 

209,00 €
119,00 €