Sweetie | Playxtrem



Co-sleeping cot for babies from 0 to 9 Kg -perfect for sleeping near your baby comfortably and safely, and making breastfeeding at night easier.

It has five adjustable height positions, making it adaptable to any bed. There is a breathable window on the side, with easy zip opening. Closed can be used as a separate cot. 

Very comfortable for your baby, thanks to its padded interior and the soft 45 mm mattress. Equipped with transportation wheels so you can move it easily from one room to another. Includes a mosquito screen, quilt with cover and pillow with cover. 

247,51 €
121,50 €

Peso y dimensiones

Weight: 9,7 kg
Altura mínima/máxima: 585/775 mm
Ancho: 1070 mm
Cuna perfil
Largo: 555 mm


  • Height-adjustable: 5 positions.
    Height-adjustable: 5 positions.
  • Transportation wheels.
    Transportation wheels.