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Casualplay, I want to go out with you

Casualplay has been committed to safety and functional design since 1966. This is apparent from our comprehensive range of car seats, which have received awards from the ADAC Institute in Germany, and elsewhere, for their high quality. Our pushchairs are based on a design concept that combines practicality and aesthetics.

Whatever you need, whatever you prefer, we have something for you at Casualplay!

Casualplay means movement, but it also means excitement. With Casualplay, going for a stroll, walking, travelling, driving or rocking your child will be an unforgettable experience, in which you will rediscover everyday moments of daily life that will make you feel special.

Use our pushchairs and our car seats together for an unforgettable experience every time you leave your home with your children.

Let's go out!


Ten principles

1. Casualplay = Movement

Our raison d'etre: to make getting out and about easier for parents with babies and toddlers.

2. Casualplay = excitement

When babies discover the world, their parents rediscover it. Casualplay makes outings with your child easier, so that you can concentrate on the experience itself.
At Casualplay we enjoy the work we do, and we are passionate about making your life easier.

3. Casualplay = Proactive

We design innovative products to make your life easier. We work closely with experts in different disciplines (paediatricians, universities, technology laboratories, etc.) For example: the patented innovation of the automatic harness for the Casualplay Retraktor Q-Fix car seat.

4. Casualplay = social and environmental commitment

We work with non-profit organisations to create a more sustainable path towards shared development.

5. Casualplay = safety

We'll drive you to safety with our pushchairs and car seats. 4 stars in the Eurotest with our Casualplay Baby 0+ and BaseFix Baby 0+, Q Retraktor Fix, Protector and Protector Fix car seats.

6. Casualplay = quality

We carry your babies in high quality products that comply with the stipulations of the ISO 9001/14001 standard.

7. Casualplay = design

Our multi-award-winning pushchairs have a distinct and unusual style that makes you feel unique on all your outings. Kudu Design Award 2013, Kudu Kind &Jugend Gold Medal 2012, Q-Retraktor Fix Kind &Jugend Silver Medal 2012, Kudu, Hamaquita Picoroco Public Opinion Delta Award 2009; Protective Booster Car Seat Delta Award Finalist 2007.

8. Casualplay = excellent after-sales service

A fast and effective, after-sales team is at your disposal and all our products are also covered by a two-year guarantee.

9. Casualplay = functionality

Open to dialogue; Our products will help you in your everyday life so that getting around with your baby is simply a pleasure.

10. Casualplay = essential.

Comprehensive child transportation solutions; pushchairs and car seats, safe and functional.