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  • Navi Fix



Car seats

Navi Fix

Group 1/2/3 (9 to 36 Kg)

Evolutionary chair for groups 1/2/3 from 9 to 36 kg, light, wraparound and with 360º guaranteed protection: front, side, rear and overturning. Equipped with the Isofix system, this chair has a reclining seat, a headrest and harnesses, which adjust in a synchronized manner and a width reducer system for improved comfort adapted to growth.


211,63 €


  • Navi Fix pass-belt guides
    Pass-belt guides for proper belt placement.
  • Lateral width reduction mechanism.
    Lateral width reduction mechanism.
  • Navi Fix unique folding
    Seat vehicle installation with Isofix and Top Tether for Group 1 and seat belt with or without Fix connectors for Groups 2 and 3.
  • Navi Fix adjustable headrest
    Adjustable multi-position headrest.
  • Navi Fix reclined position
    It has a reclined position.


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