Estel | Playxtrem

Car seats


Group 2/3 (15 to 36 Kg)

Lightweight chair for groups 2/3 of 15 to 36 kg, spacious, comfortable and ideal for long trips, thanks to its 3-position reclining seat and multi-position headrest. Equipped with side wings, which adapt to the child’s growth and allow wide protection, incorporating a folding mechanism for easy transport and storage.

121,00 €


  • ESTEL reclining positions
    Three reclining positions ensure child comfort.
  • ESTEL multi-position headrest
    Adjustable multi-position headrest.
  • ESTEL unique folding
    Unique folding for easy storage and transport.
  • ESTEL Side wings
    Side wings of the seat back are width adjustable.
  • ESTEL Pass-belt guides
    Pass-belt guides for proper belt placement.
  •  ESTEL Compact and lightweight
    Compact and lightweight


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